United for a healthly South Sudanese

At SSNAMA our main area of focus in improving the nursing and midwifery services in the country mainly include:

(i) Continuing Education
SSNAMA will work to ensure continuous education of nurses and midwives through inservice training programmes and in collaboration with international and national stakeholders/ partners.

(ii) Improving service delivery
SSNAM will work with all partners in particular the Ministry of Health to ensure the provision of quality nursing and midwifery services. The association will provide ongoing training, technical guidance and support for nurses and midwives to provide ethical, safe and professional services.

(iii) Research and policy development
SSNAMA will be involved in research policy development on issues related to health and development. The association will also be involved in key policy meetings so as to ensure that nursing and midwifery services are strengthened in South Sudan

(iv) Advocacy
SSNAMA will continue to advocate at all evels for raising the profile of nursing and midwifery professions and address issues affecting nurses and midwives. The association will work with partners to celebrate internationally recognized days including International Day of the Midwife and Nurses Day. Special advocacy campaigns will also be held to mobilize action to improve nursing and midwifery services in South Sudan

(v) Professional Regulations
SSNAMA will support efforts to regulate the nursing and midwifery professions. The association will participate in meetings and committees working on nursing and midwifery regulations in South Sudan.